“72 Hours” Lana’i: Entering the ‘Drop Zone’

BRANDON’S BLOG “72 HOURS” HOST BRANDON JOHNSON RECAPS EPISODE 3 “Lana’i, Hawaii.” This was the episode that started the whole thing, our Pilot, loosely titled “Drop Zone.” It would also be my first trip to Hawaii & one that I would never forget. It’s truly hard to encapsulate all that went down back in March of 2012. We understood the

Ditlo.com: Day in the Life of Brandon Johnson

Have you visited Ditlo.com? It’s a fascinating photoblog that spotlights trending people, places and things through their “Day in the Life of…” features. Brandon Johnson recently spent time with Ditlo for his very on “Day In The Life of…” Check out this sneak peek at some of the shots below! Make sure you head over to Ditlo.com

Sneak Peak Of My Yard Goes Disney: The Thompson Family

In this evening’s all new episode of My Yard Goes Disney, The Thompson Family get the full My Yard Goes Disney treatment! The yard is based on the Disney water park Blizzard Beach in Kissimmee and the attention to detail is impeccable, just as if they were at the park. The water slide is modeled

My Yard Goes Disney: Blizzard Beach-inspired Backyard For The Thompsons

A winter wonderland in Florida? Anything possible on My Yard Goes Disney! HGTV’s design team, with inspiration from Disney’s Blizzard Beach, are turning the Thompson’s backyard into a winter wonderland. From the icy blue slide and floating ‘icebergs’ in the family’s new pool, to a snowy sand castle, the Thompsons will be chillin’ in their dream