Highlight Reel: Brandon Johnson Host of “72 Hours”

Check out the highlights of Brandon Johnson from Season One of TNT’s reality competition series 72 Hours. 72 Hours, produced by Lighthearted Entertainment, premiered in the Summer of 2013 with filming in Hawaii, New Mexico, Fiji, Tasmania and New Zealand for TNT.

“72 Hours” Finale The Rockies: An Epic Journey

BRANDON’S BLOG “72 HOURS” HOST BRANDON JOHNSON RECAPS THE SEASON FINALE “THE ROCKIES” All good things must come to an end, but I’m pleased our Season was capped off with a great episode!  We had shot the “American Southwest” show right before this one so travel was only a 5 hour bus ride away.  Along

72 Hours Episode 8 (Season Finale): “The Rockies”

72 Hours is heading stateside for the last epic adventure of the season! See 3 teams battle each other and the elements of the Rocky Mountains of New Mexico for $100,000! See who takes the top prize on the SEASON FINALE of 72 Hours! Friday, July 26th at 10:30pm ET/PT! “The Rockies” – Friday, July 26,

72 Hours Meets the Wild West

72 Hours is headed to the southern Rockies of New Mexico in this week’s new episode/finale! Throughout our Season 1  journey I had the pleasure of traveling to an array of distinct locations, but none was quite like our temporary home in New Mexico. Once we arrived at our lodging during our stay, we learned quickly

“72 Hours” Fijian Jungle: Welcome to the Jungle…

BRANDON’S BLOG “72 HOURS” HOST BRANDON JOHNSON RECAPS EPISODE 7 “Fijian Jungle” After a 6-hour layover in LA our International departure to Fiji was about to begin.  We had just wrapped 3 weeks in the American Southwest and our next “tropical” destination was a welcomed change.  I’d never been to Fiji before.  Visions of clear

72 Hours, Episode 7: “Fijian Jungle”

Taking you back to where it all began, 72 Hours is heading back to the South Pacific! Join 72 Hours host Brandon Johnson and 9 new strangers as they traverse the Fijian jungle tonight at 10PM ET/PT on TNT! “Fijian Jungle” – Friday, July 19, at 10:00 p.m. (ET/PT) Helicoptered into the humid but stunning jungles

72 Hours: Fire Away

I’m so grateful for all our the remote locales I had the pleasure of visiting for Season 1 of 72 Hours. After all, our time at these exotic locations was not all action-packed competition; we also were able to take in some action of the entertainment variety. At this week’s location in Fiji, we had the

“72 Hours” New Zealand Alps: What Doesn’t Break You…

BRANDON’S BLOG “72 HOURS” HOST BRANDON JOHNSON RECAPS EPISODE 6 “New Zealand Alps” 72 Hours was lucky enough to film two amazing episodes in New Zealand.  Though the “Lost Coast of New Zealand” aired first, The Southern Alps was our introductory experience to this incredible landscape.  Upon landing, we packed ourselves into anything with four wheels and headed toward base

72 Hours, Episode 6: “New Zealand Alps”

From the scorching sun of the American Southwest, to the frigid temperatures of Wanaka, New Zealand! Tune in to an all new episode of 72 Hours this Friday, July 12th at 10PM as 3 new teams take on the Southern Alps! “New Zealand Alps” – Friday, July 12, at 10:00 p.m. (ET/PT) Dropped off in the

72 Hours: The View from the Top

When a show starts with 9 people bungee jumping off a bridge, you know its going to be a wild ride. In this Friday’s all new episode of 72 Hours, 3 teams take on Wanaka, New Zealand in a race to triumph over the elements and their competitors for $100,000! Wanaka is located at the base of