Brandon Johnson “72 Hours” Highlights Reel

Highlights of Host Brandon Johnson on Season One of  “72 Hours” on TNT. Each week, this action-packed, white-knuckle competition series hosted by Brandon Johnson drops three new competing teams of strangers into the wilderness with only a single bottle of water and a GPS tracking device. The competitors have just three days to find a hidden briefcase full of cash. Along the way,

Brandon Johnson on HGTV (Video)

Check out the latest reel of Brandon Johnson’s 2 HGTV shows: “My Yard Goes Disney” & “RV 2012.” “When your looking for fun, magical and inspiring design ideas for you and your family go with Brandon Johnson.” “My Yard Goes Disney” – In each episode of My Yard Goes Disney, lucky homeowners get a jaw-dropping

Brandon Johnson Hosting Bio

Brandon Johnson has had a vibrant life in the world of TV hosting. His latest endeavor is TNT’s new reality competition show, 72 Hours; a show which drops 9 strangers into the most remote locations on the planet where they compete for a hidden briefcase filled with $100,000. Not more than one day being back in